By 1993, Whitesboro United Methodist and Central United Methodist Church were looking for a radical change in the way they operated and worshiped. They began to dream about an exciting ministry where the people would become closer to God by becoming disciples in Christ. As they thought about this they realized that a contemporary setting was the best way to achieve this dream. So, in January of 1994 they put their trust in God and undertook a huge leap of faith. The two became one and gave birth to Mohawk Valley Trinity United Methodist Church.

While developing a contemporary worship style in the very small church in Whitesboro, the bigger dream was starting to become reality. In spring 1997 there was a ground breaking at 8595 Westmoreland Road accompanied by daily prayer vigils at the site as construction began. Through countless hours of hard work and a pure labor of love Trinity church opened its doors in September 1998.

From that day the people of Trinity have grown closer to God with our personal relationships. We worship our God with cutting edge technology and are in mission in our community and throughout the world.

We have attained the dreams of our forefathers and we are still moving further than we could ever imagine.

Today we still believe that with faith in God anything is possible and we have learned to never to put limits on God.