Trinity UMC has partnered with local schools around the area to cheer up middle school kids with locker magnets. these magnets have inspiring messages on them.

What Started the Middle School Magnet Ministry?

This ministry started when Trinity UMC brought forth requests for prayers in response to tragic events across the nation and in local schools and communities.

2018 Magnet

2018 Middle school magnet ministry

“During the first quarter of 2018 the Trinity UMC: Whitesboro congregation brought forth requests for prayers in response to tragic events across the nation and in our local communities.  We prayed for victims of school shootings, youth victims of gun violence, youth struggling with addiction, the families of local youth who had taken their lives and the general wellbeing of youth as each have their own struggles.  The church council discussed the need to take a step forward, past offering up anonymous prayer.  As always, we struggled with the “how” when we attempted to develop an outreach plan.

Students who were attending Trinity’s Treehouse Summer Camp met with a council member to have a conversation about what is going on in their lives and what concerns they had about entering their respective middle or high schools.  In July, they each admitted, they were already worried about getting from their classes to their lockers and back on time.  Right behind that concern, was being able to remember their locker combination.  They were asked what the church could do to help ease their minds.  After a candid discussion they suggested having something in their locker to help them feel more positive would be calming.  They decided having a magnet or sign with an inspirational saying would be the best way to remind them things were going to be ok.

After researching the feasibility and working out how to connect with the school, we settled on including Whitesboro’s 6th grade and 4 surrounding school districts in the ministry.  New York Mills asked to work with the church to purchase magnets for the other 5 grades in their high school building. As a congregation we were able to raise enough funds to purchase approximately 800 magnets for distribution.

The response from faculty and students was reassuring.  Other individuals learned of our efforts and worked to emulate the ministry within their respective groups.  We are excited to pair up with other churches in the District to reach even more communities. We are being bold and setting a goal of distributing 2500 magnets for the start of school in the fall. If you would like to partner with Trinity in this ministry you can reach out to us at”

Past Magnets

2018 Magnet

2018 Middle school magnet ministry

2019 Magnet

2019 middle school magnet ministry magnet