Small Groups

Small Groups

God designed people for community. Each of us has a desire "to belong" somewhere. Seeking community is often what brings many of us to Trinity. It will be the relationships that we build that keep us coming back to Trinity. At Trinity, we understand that worship celebration on Saturday and Sunday is uplifting, a time to celebrate God, and an important part of our spiritual growth but it will not bring about life transformation. It is in cell groups where life transformation occurs. Even Jesus did not do it aloneā€¦..He created community by gathering the 12 disciples.

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Cell Groups

What is a Cell Group?

A cell group (a small group) is made up of 2 to 12 people who come together to build relationships through encouragement, accountability, guidance, and prayer so that all members experience life transformation through Christ. Members are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings, struggles, and joys while applying Biblical principles in their daily lives. Through group prayer, members praise, ask, confess, and thank God.

In these trusting relationships, members agree that what is said in the group will remain confidential and differences of opinions will be respected.

Cell groups are not therapeutic support groups. See Marilyn for some direction if you are need of counseling. There are also several groups that meet around specific issues such as parenting and weight loss.

Where and When do Cell Groups Meet?

Most cell groups meet in a member's home every other week. Cell groups meet on a variety of days and times. We are always supportive of individuals who are interested in starting a new group.

Who can be a member of a Cell Group?

Everyone is welcome to connect with a cell group whether you are new in your faith journey or have long been a follower of Jesus. We really encourage everyone to become a part of a cell group.

How do I get started or change my Cell Group?

Dawn French is our cell group coordinator. Contact her directly or call the church office at 736-7233.

About us

Welcome to Mohawk Valley Trinity United Methodist Church. At Trinity we see ourselves living on the edge of a new mission frontier for the 21st century, which starts right at the door of the church and extends across the globe. We understand that in our rapidly changing world people need to connect to God in new ways that are multi-cultural and multi-sensory. Whether you’re a spiritual seeker or a committed Christ-follower, we’ll communicate in a way that’s easy for you to understand and apply to your daily life. We believe that no matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been – you matter to God. If you live in the Utica/Mohawk Valley area, or are just planning to visit, we hope you will join us for worship. There are tremendous programs and ministries for people of all ages and stages in their spiritual journey.


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