Greetings Everyone,
The last few months have been a trying time to say the least. So many have lost so much and one of the things that we have lost is the ability to worship together as the body of Christ. For many the loss of being in a worshiping community on a weekly basis has been a tragic loss. The grief we have shared over this has been overwhelming for many. So many ask me on a weekly basis “when is the church opening up”? Unfortunately, this is not an easy question to answer and there are many factors play into it.
Being part of a convectional church such as the United Methodist Church means that we must adhere to the guidelines set forth by our denomination. They are requiring us to abide by the guidelines set by the NY State Department of Health. Under the current guidelines we can reopen for worship but there are numerous restrictions that would affect the worship experience that must be adhered to, including the following:
-Attendance must be capped at 25% of capacity, our sanctuary has a capacity of 240 so the most we could allow in any worship service would be 60 including the pastor, band and sound room technicians.
-6 ft. of separation must be maintained between individuals, but members of the same household may sit together.
-No singing or if the congregation wishes to sing a physical distance of 12 ft. must be maintained.
-No holding and shaking of hands, passing of the peace, or hugging/embracing between members of different households.
-Everyone must wear a mask if they are within 6 ft. of another person or be ready to put a mask on in case someone comes within 6 ft. of you.
-Restrooms would be limited to one person at a time.
-No coffee time after worship as sharing of food will not be allowed.
-No Bibles, Hymnals or offering envelopes will be allowed in the pews.
-Most likely no Sunday School classes for children during worship due to space restrictions.
-Mandatory health screening assessment (temperature check and questionnaire) for every staff member and volunteer before worship. This is encouraged for worship attendees as well but not mandatory.
-The names of all who attend worship must be recorded along with contact information.
Our church leadership has discussed what reopening would look like with these restrictions in place. We came to the agreement that these restrictions would not allow us to provide a joyful worship experience at this time. The stress of maintaining these restrictions would be difficult not only on the worship team but also those in attendance. We took into consideration there are many who do not feel comfortable returning for worship at this time and there are many who would not be willing to adhere to these guidelines. But we also recognize there are many who strongly desire to return to some form of in-person worship.
With that being said we will proceed as follow:
1.    Our online worship service will continue as is permanently.
2.    We will offer small group opportunities 3 times per week. Sunday evening at 6pm, Thursday evening at 6:30 pm and a third time TBD. If you would like to attend one of these please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
3.    We will continue to look for opportunities to worship as restrictions are eased or possibly worshiping outdoors. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for notifications on worship services as they may be announced with very short notice.

We thank you for your patience as we work toward providing a meaningful and safe worship experience for everyone.
Pastor Cory

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